Another day, another artist hit with a lawsuit over their music releases. Tinashe is the latest artist to face accusations that they ripped off a music producer. The Blast reports a man named William Kissas, also known as Will K, has filed a lawsuit against Tinashe and singer Mackenzie Johnson, also known as MakJ, over their collaborative track "Save Room For Us." According to Will K, it was back in February 2019 when he was in communication with MakJ about recording together in hopes of one day collaborating with Tinashe. The producer claims he sent some of his music over to MakJ via DropBox for consideration and both parties allegedly agreed that if Tinashe was down to make a song, he was to be paid and given production credits.

Jamie McCarthy / Staff / Getty Images

However, when Will K saw that the two singers used his music for "Save Room For Us" without his knowledge, he attempted to contact MakJ to no avail. He decided to file the lawsuit after he claims he was ignored and because both singers benefited financially from music that alleges he created. Will K has accused them of "copyright infringement and fraudulent misrepresentation."

Along with unspecified damages, Will K hopes that a court will stop the singers from selling the song in the future. He is also asking for all of the profits acquired from "Save Room For Us" and wants Tinashe and MakJ to pay for his attorney fees. Check out the song below.