Once upon a time, Tinashe affectionately referred to Ben Simmons as her "boo thang." With their relationship now up in smoke, Ben Simmons is rumored to be moving on with Kendall Jenner. According to several reports, the Philadelphia 76er was cheating on the singer with Jenner, leading to their split. After Tinashe's younger brothers slammed him on Twitter for his shady ways and for breaking their sister's heart, neither Simmons or Tinashe have made any official comments on the situation. With so much negative energy flying around right now, the Joyride performer's family has been affected and, in the most recent update, her grandmother has made a statement on the "hate and lies."

Stepping away from social media, Tinashe's grandma wrote, "Dear twitter fans and fans of Tinashe, I have decided to leave Twitter because of all the hate and lies about Tinashe. You must realize that I love her very much but as a family member I really can’t call out all the lies and hate because some things should not be shared." Noting in a separate post that she is "just too old for this," the case has taken its toll on her as she is actively leaving the medium to avoid any negative talk about her granddaughter. 

Tinashe's younger brothers continue to slander Ben Simmons on the social outlet, calling for him to slide into their DM's so they can handle their differences man-to-man. We will keep an eye out for any responses on Tinashe or Ben's part.