T.I. and Tiny have been through a lot during their eight years of marriage and years of knowing each other before they said 'I do.' They share a gang of beautiful children and their ups and downs as a family is documented on their VH1 series, Family Hustle. The upcoming episode shows Tip heading over to Tiny's home to pick up their daughter Heiress (since the two are currently separated) and during his visit he casually asks Tiny to hop on a plane with him to Trinidad. 

The trip falls on their anniversary, but Tiny doesn't like the way T.I. asked her to join him. "My anniversary is coming up but since Tip and I are having problems right now he could have asked a little nicer. 'I'm getting on a plane, do you want to be on it?' You call that an invitation?" she says in the clip below. T.I. brings up the car he recently bought for Tiny asking if that wasn't a truce for their issues, but she reassures him it was just a birthday gift. 

"Tip feels that he can buy a car, move on and everything is hunky-dory, but for me I need the time, love, respect - all kinds of things to get over the things he be doing," she adds - check it out below.