After celebrating his birthday this week, T.I. got back to business by reminding us of all the projects he's been working on. Of course, we're all excited to listen to the artist's tenth studio album, The Dime Trap, which is set to be released next week. Dave Chappelle will make appearances throughout the project and we cannot wait to hear what exactly they've come up with. Several tracks can already be heard with the Young Thug-featuring "The Weekend" coming out today. Tip was recently announced to be joining the cast of Monster Hunter but that's not the only acting gig he's got under his belt. The Atlanta native will be appearing on a new episode of You Kiddin' Me?! airing tomorrow and we've got an exclusive sneak peek on what you can expect.

The second episode of the Kim Kardashian-produced series will air tomorrow at 12 PM PST on Facebook Watch and it looks to be just as funny as the first one. This time, T.I. is in for a major surprise when his sons, Major and King, prank the "Wraith" artist as he arrives at a fashion show. The new line, "Stainz," is all about proudly rocking your food-stained clothing, which T.I. hesitates to present to a runway crowd. In fact, he didn't even know he had designed the joke clothing collection, leading the crowd to be just as confused as him. Of course, his sons won't let him back out without experiencing a little embarrassment first.

The episode airs at 12 PM PST tomorrow on Facebook Watch. Check out the exclusive preview below!