According to reports obtained by The Blast, T.I.'s Scales 925 restaurant has filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy. The claim was filed by T.I.'s business partner Charles Hughes on behalf of both parties. Chapter 7 protection is essentially a liquidation process in which a court appointed trustee is tasked with selling off the business's assets in order to repay its creditors. 

The court documents reveals a 40/40 split in ownership between Charles Hughes and Clifford Harris aka T.I, with the other 20% divided in fives among 4 other interested parties. The document reveals a meager total of $5,000 in assets, and no clean balance of hidden liabilities. The IRS and the Georgia Department of Revenue will make their total assessments known after tabling an "integrity inquiry."

Apparently the reasons for the dissolution of Scales 925 is the headache created by a number of employees filing lawsuits over issues stemming from wages and overtime pay. Although  their domain name remains active, Scales 925 closed its doors in 2016 while it was facing eviction. For his part, T.I. denies any involvement in the unpaid wages. He maintains his role was as an investor, and that he played no part in the day-to-day operations of the establishment, or the hiring of firing of said employees.