Kodak Black is once again being held responsible for his chosen words, another valuable lesson that actions have consequences. By now, Black's comments aimed at Lauren London have been the topic of much discussion; radio bans have been imposed, media personalities have offered a variety of takes, and OGs like The Game and T.I. took to Instagram to openly check the young rapper. And while Kodak has by and large remained steadfast in his position, he did issue an apology of sorts. Unfortunately for Kodak, it would appear that it's too little too late, at least where T.I. is concerned. 

TMZ has reported that Kodak's presence has been officially purged from T.I.'s Atlanta-based Trap Music Museum. Prior to his Lauren London comments, Kodak was the subject of an art exhibit, honored through a variety of paintings. Footage of the exhibit being removed can be seen below, via Instagram. Neither T.I. nor Kodak has commented on the decision, but it's clear that the latter's standing amidst his peers is plummeting by the day. 

When T.I. opened the museum back in September, the goal was to raise awareness toward the artists who helped cultivate and shape the acclaimed subgenre "Trap Music." Now, Kodak will no longer stand among those remembered, a group including the likes of Future, Gucci Mane, Shawty Lo, 21 Savage, and more. Do you feel like T.I. is justified in pulling the trigger on this move, or should he have opted to remain neutral where trap music's legacy is concerned?