Tiny Harris has been on our television screens for years, standing by the side of her Xscape teammates and her husband T.I. The star has built her own platform aside from her partner's success and she loves to switch up her mood every now and then. With the new season of Family Hustle airing, Tiny, T.I. and the rest of their large family are showing fans an inside view of what goes on in their household. While things don't ever truly make it to the bedroom on the show, Tiny came close to unleashing her sensual alter-ego on the most recent episode, clashing with her husband over the unveiling of her saucy other half, Ryder.

Hollywood To You/Star Max/Getty Images

Tiny is gearing up to release some new music, which will be inspired by her bedroom alter-ego. Right now, T.I. is the only person familiar with Ryder but soon, we'll all get to see her in action because Tiny is ready to bring her out to play. When she and her husband discussed whether the move to bring Ryder into the spotlight was appropriate, they had different opinions. T.I. wasn't too down with the move but Tiny seems to be pushing for it. They butt heads but, at this point, we all know that these two are meant to stay together for the long haul.

Watch the clip below to catch a sneak peek of Tiny as Ryder.