We have been keeping track of T.I. & Tiny for some time now with our recapitulations of their reality show, T.I. & Tiny: Family Hustle. Though the episodes remain drama-filled and entertaining, we must remember that reality television relies on celebrities and their actual real-life problems. For some time now, gossip and chatter garnered around T.I. and Tiny's relationship. Matter of factly, their show was almost cancelled because Tiny had served T.I. with some divorce papers. And despite the numerous claims of infidelity by both parties, the couple patched things up and got back to business.

Most recently, however, Tiny reignited the claims of trouble in paradise. The XSCAPE singer shared a cryptic message via her Instagram story which seemed to allude to her relationship, or perhaps not at all, but it is very easy to assume. The message itself said: "Don't lose yo b*tch trynna keep up wit a h*e that cant keep up wit yo b*tch." The shady post was also coupled with "tuff act to follow." Now, we are not sure who Tiny is talking about, but that message was surely enough to get the gossip going. While we can't offer any firm details on this, for now, you can tune into their television show if you're looking to keep up.