Earlier this week, shockwaves were sent throughout the NFL as it was revealed that the Tennesee Titans had suffered a COVID-19 outbreak, with numerous players and staff testing positive. In fact, they were supposed to play the Pittsburgh Steelers this weekend, although the game was postponed until Tuesday. However, as soon as the NFL realized how bad the situation was, they decided to postpone the game to later in the season, effectively getting rid of both teams' bye-week.

Now, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN, the outbreak has gotten even worse as one more player and two more staff members have tested positive. This brings the total to 16 positive COVID cases within the Titans organization. 

With this latest update in mind, it's clear that the NFL will have to find new ways to combat the virus if they want the season to continue. As for the Titans, they could be forced to miss their Week 5 game as well, especially if the outbreak continues to get worse amongst the organization.

Now, teams throughout the league will be extra careful as they look for ways to keep their players safe amid a pandemic that is trending towards a second wave.