DC is launching their streaming service DC Universe with a new series they plan on being a huge hit. Titans looks to retell the story of the Teen Titans, a superhero group that is most often referred to as the younger version of the Justice League. The show will place Robin, Raven, Beast Boy, and Starfire in the forefront as unlikely friends and heroes. A trailer for the series hints at a plot that revolves around a religious cult attempting to harness Raven's dark powers. The series debuted on Wednesday night (October 3) at New York Comic Con, and the critics are praising the brutal and dark take on the young heroes. 

According to The Hollywood Reporteralthough season one of Titans doesn't touch down until October 12, DC has enough faith in the franchise that they renewed it for a second season. "This is just the beginning of our journey to open up the world of DC for our fans,” said Craig Hunegs, President of Warner Bros. Digital Networks. “With new originals, digital comics and a growing community forum, we’re delivering an immersive experience that blends page and screen, creating a place where fans can share their passions for their favorite superheroes and storylines like never before. With our first original series, Titans, debuting this month we are truly offering an exclusive experience fans have always clamored for.”