Comic-Con San Diego is kicking off right now, which means the next four days will be filled with endless breaking news. This is the time of the year when Marvel and DC unveil their plans for the next few years. The legendary Hall H has been home to plenty of historical moments, like when Chadwick Boseman, Robert Downey Jr., and Chris Evans first stood on stage together to announce Civil War. Or when fans got their first peek at Batman dressed in an all iron costume, prepared for his battle with Superman in Dawn of Justice. Now, just two days before Warner Bros. is set to have their presentation, they have dropped a trailer for the upcoming live-action Teen Titans television series. 

Simply dubbed Titans, the show will be the first scripted live-action show for DC Entertainment’s new streaming service, DC Universe. In the new trailer, Robin prowls the streets as the bad guys ask, "Where's Batman?" "Fuck Batman," answers Robin as he apparently shoots a group of crooks in an alley. The trailer also gives a slight backstory for Raven. The brooding dark heroine gets a demonic looking makeover that fits with her character perfectly. Flashes of Beast Boy and Starfire can also be seen, and it appears the show will abandon Cyborg since he is already in the Justice League movie. Check out the new trailer below.