Cancel culture hasn't really proven effective in the past but it seems like it could in Michael Jackson's case. Many people from the music industry have distanced themselves from the late singer. Drake recently pulled his MJ collab, "Don't Matter To Me" off of his setlist on his European tour. Following HBO's Leaving Neverland premiere, the singer's streaming numbers dropped significantly. However, Tito Jackson doesn't think canceling Michael Jackson is fair because the decision is solely based on the words of the singer's accusers.

Joshua Gates Weisberg-Pool/Getty Images

TMZ caught Tito Jackson at LAX recently and asked him about the current scandal surrounding Michael Jackson's accusers. He explained that he doesn't think that it's fair for Michael Jackson's music to be banned from radio stations or removed from playlists just because there hasn't been any sort of proof the singer actually committed the crimes he's being accused of.

"I think that’s so unfair being that there hasn’t been a trial or nothing of the sort," Tito told reporters. "It’s kind of crazy and ludicrous to me."

The reporter then asked Tito about how he's been holding up since Leaving Neverland aired. "Well, I’m doing what I do. Like my father always says, “I have a life to live and I’m continuing to do what I do," he said.

Peep the conversation with Tito Jackson below.