Since retiring from the UFC, Tito Ortiz has had some political aspirations and as it turns out, he is actually running for office. In fact, Ortiz is a huge Trump supporter and takes every single opportunity to show love to the President of the United States. This was especially true recently when he appeared on the "I Only Touch Greatness" podcast to speak on a plethora of topics.

Perhaps his most striking comments came late in the interview when he began speaking about the Coronavirus which has killed over a million people worldwide. In fact, Tito believes the virus is some sort of liberal conspiracy that aims to kill older people on social security.

"It's all a political scam," Ortiz said. "I just shake my head about it because there’s been a lot of people who’s lives have been taken away because of it. Once again, it's population control by the left. They’re trying to take out all of the older people who are getting social security and so forth. It was made by a man, it's a man-made virus and people need to understand that facts behind those things."

This is perhaps one of the more unhinged conspiracies we have heard thus far, although, given his previous political takes, it's not very surprising. Let's just hope people don't take him seriously, as that could lead to even more deaths.