Weezer fans were duly surprised to find a bunch of seemingly out of place cover songs on the group's latest album. One of those uncanny selections happened to be a rousing rendition of the TLC classic "No Scrubs." Weezer also paid tribute to Michael Jackson, Black Sabbath, a-ha, and Toto on the final draft. And with that said, The Teal Album is an acquired taste, even by Weezer's snuff rock standards - proceed with caution. 

On the other hand, TLC's reception is altogether more positive than mine - some might say Chili is blinded by the flattery of the gesture. Upon hearing the song herself, the legendary TLC member jumped on Twitter to thank the group for the heartfelt rendition. Included in her "Thank You" Tweet is a 45-second clip of the recording, as well as her Cleo-like prediction of a TLC x Weezer concert in the near future. Weezer indubitably helped their cause by Tweeting, "hope you want our number" just as the album was going to press.

The Twitterverse is seemingly just as enthralled as the two constituents, at the prospect of a TLC x Weezer collaboration. But a small minority of sensible commenters, like @Rena403, are refusing to worship (blindly). She's right, the cover is borderline offensive, the gesture incredibly heartfelt - but in context, Weezer never took themselves too seriously. If Chilli is happy with the cover, then there's really nothing more to say.