Entertainment gossip outlet TMZ has been inciting anger from the public lately. Weeks ago, TMZ was the first to report that Kobe Bryant has perished in a helicopter crash. Later, police would hold a press conference where they called out the outlet for sharing the news before authorities were able to contact the families involved. The public backlash was swift, but Harvey Levin insisted that he received Vanessa Bryant's approval.

Charley Gallay / Stringer / Getty Images

Following the historic Academy Awards on Sunday (February 9), TMZ has ensnared themselves in drama once again now that they're being accused of mocking the Korean production and cast of ParasiteThe South Korean film took home four wins, including Best Picture, and TMZ cameraman attempted to speak with them after the ceremony.

However, because they don't speak English, communication was difficult. The cast avoided the questions or politely smiled and walked away, but the voiceover actor comedically delivered the line: "Now that you have got the fancy Oscars, you think you are too good to talk to us? You shallow, selfish, entitled."

Then, the voiceover actor called Byeongkwan and Jun of KPOP group A.C.E. members of BTS and the mixup made people lose their minds. The public accused the outlet of racism and stereotyping Asians, and people made sure to let their opinions be heard. Check out the clip from TMZ and a few reactions below.