There are many talented artists trying to reached award-winning, record-breaking, chart-topping, legendary heights, but some are finding their paths full of obstacles. Whether it be shady deals, fumbled opportunities, or difficulty finding their lanes, artists are struggling to set their heads above the rest. Rapper Tokyo Vanity has a loyal following, but she still hasn't received the big break that her supporters believe she deserves. The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star shared her frustrations over on Instagram and she may have sent a subliminal shot someone's way.

"Welcome to the industry where they wanna sign me to be a writer for hoes who can't rap," Tokyo Vanity penned. "Where I'm not fine enough to be marketed as a artist but when I'm in the studio the n*ggas who wanna sign me slick be trying to f*ck this same woman who ain't fine enough to be a rapper make it make sense."

In the caption to her post, the Louisiana rapper added, "I got time tuhday I said what I said and ain’t taking sh*t down." Her comments lit up with people trying to figure out who she was talking about, so let us know who you think Tokyo Vanity was referring to.