A longstanding joke about Lays potato chips is that if you get a bag, most of what you'll actually receive is air. Many Lays lovers are often met with more empty space than actual chips, and Tokyo Vanity had the same complaint about Master P's Rap Snacks. The hip hop mogul diversified his portfolio to include ramen noodles and chips, all of which feature names and imagery of your favorite rap stars. 

Love & Hip Hop star Tokyo Vanity recently shared a video to her Instagram page that showed her opening up a bag of Romeo Miller's BBQ chips. "B*tch, I'm about to call the police," the Lousiana rapper quipped. She feels the bag and it's obvious that there are only a few chips at the bottom. "Percy-muthaf*ckin'-Miller. This sh*t is ridiculous. It's ridiculous!"

The Millers were made aware of the unfortunate situation, so they surprised Tokyo Vanity with a few free boxes of Rap Snacks to make up for her previous experience. The reality star was more than excited to receive the gift, and she made sure to note in future videos that she has no beef with Master P's hip hop snack brand. Take a look at her videos above and below.