50 Centwent from one of the highest-selling rappers of all time into one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the entertainment world. In recent times, he's made a transition into television and his success isn't a fluke. Power and its spinoffs, as well as For Life, have made it clear that he might have the Midas touch when it comes to television.

That being said, Fif's feeling like a champion himself, something he feels he shares in common with Tom Brady. After all, Buccaneers QB is now a 7x Super Bowl Champion and 5x Super Bowl MVP. Fif took to the 'Gram where he shared a picture of himself donning a fistful of rings. "Tom Brady has more super bowl rings than all 32 NFL Teams. I’m on the same shit just watch the [TV]. Green light Gang," he captioned the post.

The rapper's single, "Many Men" has served as a champion's anthem as well. In the song, the rapper discusses the amount of hate he feels from the jealousy of his peers. With so many naysayers, Tom Brady made it clear that "Many Men" is a song that he holds dearly to his heart. He shared a photo of himself at the Super Bowl with Fif's single playing. "The winners theme is still many men," Fif captioned the post.

"Many Men" has received a few tributes in recent times. Of course, there's Pop Smoke's "Got It On Me" that interpolates the record as well as 21 Savage and Metro Boomin's track off of Savage Mode II that shares the same name as Fif's song.