Every single year, fans get excited about which athletes are going to grace the cover of their favorite sports video games. When it comes to the NFL, gamers are interested in seeing who ends up on the Madden cover, especially when you consider how there has always been a curse associated with the cover. Either way, Madden 22 is set to drop at the end of the summer and the anticipation of who is going to be on the cover has been building up.

Well, today, EA Sports finally unveiled their Madden 22 cover and it turns out that two players have made it onto the cover. Yep, that's right, Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes will both get to be on the packaging. These two fought a hard battle in the Super Bowl this past February and the two have been nicknamed "GOAT and the Baby GOAT."

This is the MVP Edition cover which means there could still be another cover for the regular game. Some people believe Derrick Henry could end up on the cover of that game, which would make a whole lot of sense considering the past couple of years he's had.

Either way, this is a dope cover and we're sure hardcore football fans will be ready to cop the new game come August.


Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images