Cryptocurrency is in the midst of a Bull market which means investors are seeing massive returns on investment. Back in March of 2020, Bitcoin was at a low of $3000 per coin and now, it is sitting at $58K, with some forecasters claiming a $100K Bitcoin could be on the horizon, this summer. With this in mind, we have seen many big institutions invest their money in Cryptocurrencies, including altcoins like Ethereum, Cardano, and even Dogecoin.

Now, it seems like the greatest football player of all time, Tom Brady, is also getting into crypto. Last night, Brady responded to a tweet claiming that the star was looking at buying Bitcoin and that as a result, he should change his profile picture so that he has laser eyes. This has become a trend amongst Bitcoin investors and just about an hour ago, Brady came through and added the lasers to his PFP.

While Brady hasn't directly stated that he's bought Bitcoin, it's pretty clear that he is hopping on a trend that has become synonymous with crypto investors. NFL players as a whole have also been looking at BTC as some are now having their salaries converted to Bitcoin.

For now, it remains unknown just how much Brady bought although it's clear he is thinking long term with his investments.

Tom Brady

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images