No matter what happens on Sunday when the New England Patriots take on the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Championship game, Tom Brady's legacy is already cemented. The Patriots quarterback has made it to eight Super Bowls and has won five of them, making him the winningest quarterback to play the game. Some consider him to be the greatest player of all time and to no surprise, one of those people is Patriots owner Robert Kraft.

"Definitely the greatest player of all time -- not just quarterback in my opinion," Kraft told ESPN. "Because he's such a leader in the locker room. For someone double the age of some of the players to be able to lead like that, and connect like that, and have the work ethic that he has, and at the same time so pleasant to be around -- I'm really the luckiest guy in the world."

Kraft has seen his fair share of football. He purchased the Patriots back in 1994 has been around to see all of the team's Super Bowl victories in the Tom Brady era. He also spoke about Patriots coach Bill Belichick and his legacy as a coach.

"He's the GOAT of coaches, just like our quarterback is the GOAT of quarterbacks. And no one can dispute it," Kraft explained.

If the Patriots win on Sunday, they will play in Super Bowl 53 against either the Los Angeles Rams or the New Orleans Saints.