When Tom Brady first entered the NFL 20 years ago, very few expected him to become the superstar he is now. After working his way to becoming the starter of the New England Patriots, Brady went on to win six Super Bowls and even had nine total appearances. He is easily the most successful quarterback in the history of the entire league and despite his older age, he is able to play consistent football while also putting up more than adequate numbers. In fact, Brady turned 43 years old today, just a month out from his debut with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Today, Brady received numerous birthday wishes on Twitter, including one from the NFL. Brady took the opportunity to make fun of himself as he revealed that he might finally be in the market for a brand new iPhone. This joke is in reference to a recent tweet where someone noted that Brady is still using an iPhone 6+ from 2014.

The Buccaneers star has always been one to make fun of himself so tweets like these shouldn't come as a surprise to his fans. As for his phone, you don't always need the newest thing to be happy. At the end of the day, those phones are expensive and unless your operating system has stopped working, there is no point in upgrading.