Yesterday was the infamous Kentucky Derby which sees some of the richest people in the world congregate in one place where they all watch some extremely fast horses race around in a circle. It's an event that is primarily enjoyed by those in tax brackets that you and I could never begin to fathom, hence why people like Tom Brady were in attendance. The seven-time Super Bowl champion has been to the Kentucky Derby before and this year, he made his way back donning some very spiffy clothes.

In the tweet below, Brady can be seen wearing a nice navy blue suit jacket all while putting on a light blue shirt and black top hat. Overall, it was a pretty solid outfit which makes sense when you consider all of the rich people he had to stand around and shmooze with.

Brady has been quite active throughout the offseason as he recently had surgery on his knee, and is now going for his eighth title. The entire Buccaneers roster is coming back as is which means there is a very good chance the Bucs find themselves back in the Super Bowl, barring any sort of collapse.

As for the Kentucky Derby, it's unknown as to whether or not Brady's horse won.

Tom Brady

Patrick Smith/Getty Images