Tom Brady is in a position he has never had to deal with before and fans don't know how to handle it. Of course, I am talking about his impeding free agency which is set to take place later this week. Brady has spent the last 20 years with the New England Patriots and it would be impossible to imagine him on any other team. However, it appears as though Brady has been eyeing various franchises not named the Patriots.

According to Pro Football Talk, Brady's first choice was the San Francisco 49ers. As it turns out, the 49ers rejected him as they are simply not interested. This is yet another rejection for Brady as some of his other choices, the Las Vegas Raiders and Tennessee Titans, have also expressed content with their current situations. 

This latest news means Brady doesn't have very many options left. He can either return to New England or try the Tampa Bay Buccaneers who have seemingly given up on Jameis Winston as he now goes into the offseason as an open free agent. With this in mind, it's clear Brady has a big decision on his hands.

Stay tuned for updates on this situation as we will be sure to bring them to you.