Antonio Brown is one of the best wide receivers in the NFL although, over the past year, he hasn't exactly been able to show it. Following his departure from Pittsburgh, Brown was all over the place as he overstayed his welcome in Oakland and was cut by the New England Patriots after just about a week. Now, Brown is looking to show that he can still play at a high level, especially after having signed a deal with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

His deal with the Buccaneers reunited him with the likes of Brady, who he got to play with back in New England. The two have seemingly had a great relationship, with Brady vouching for Brown on numerous occasions. Now, according to Jay Glazer of Fox Sports, Brown has moved in with Brady as he looks to transition his life to Tampa Bay.

"He's actually been staying at Tom Brady's house," Glazer said. "And Tom has actually been helping him off the field as well -- lining him up with people to help him including people like Tony Robbins."

Brady has done this for teammates in the past which just goes to show how far he will go to make a new member feel comfortable. Brown is set to return to the field next week against the New Orleans Saints, and Brady will surely be looking to target him as much as possible.