For 20 years, Tom Brady and the New England Patriots held the rest of the NFL hostage. They were able to win six Super Bowls during that time and played in a total of nine. It feels like they were in the AFC Championship game almost every single year, which just adds to the mystique surrounding the franchise. Just a couple of days ago, Brady announced that he would not be returning to the team this season and instead, would be joining the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

This decision sent shockwaves throughout the NFL and fans still can't imagine TB12 in a Buccaneers jersey. Regardless, it's going to happen and we will all need to get used to it.

As a send-off, Robert Kraft put up a billboard outside of Gillette Stadium that reads "Thank You Tom, the Greatest Of All Time!"

The Kraft family knows very well how much Brady means to that franchise so it only makes sense that they would put together a nice little tribute like this one. We imagine his jersey will be retired in short order and if he ever plays against the Patriots, it will be an affair that brings all of the fans in New England together.