Tom Brady triumphed once again last Sunday as his Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeated the Kansas City Chiefs in order to win the Super Bowl. It was one of the most impressive victories of Brady's career and now, he has seven Super Bowl championships to his name. Yesterday, the Bucs got to celebrate their big win in Tampa Bay, and the team ended up taking to the water, where players could be found celebrating on massive boats.

Brady was on a boat that cost upwards of $2 million, and the quarterback was certainly feeling the effects of some of the beverages that were flowing throughout the afternoon. In fact, at one point, Brady could be seen chucking the Lombardi Trophy off of the boat, as he went to pass it off to the boat behind him. In the clips below, the act seemed pretty hilarious and dramatic, with Brady's daughter warning his father not to go too far.

Clearly, the Buccaneers were having an amazing time on Wednesday and they have every right to. Not many people were giving this team a chance at the start of the season, but in true Tom Brady fashion, he was able to prove us all wrong.

Moving forward, this team will be looking to repeat, although first, we imagine some more drinking will be in order.

Tom Brady

Patrick Smith/Getty Images