Tom Brady is fresh off of a Super Bowl victory that gave him the seventh title of his illustrious career. At this point, there is no disputing that Brady is the GOAT, and if you say otherwise, you are simply just a hater. Just yesterday, Brady got to celebrate the big win with his teammates, as the Buccaneers took to the waters of Tampa for an epic boat party that saw a lot of alcohol consumption in a very small amount of time.

Now, however, Brady is about to head back to reality, as he has a minor recovery ahead of him for this offseason. According to NFL reporter Rick Stroud, Brady will have a small surgery on his knee, which is meant to simply clean up some of the soreness he had to face throughout the season.

At the age of 43, it shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that Brady needs to go through these procedures every once in a while. Brady has always tried to keep his body in shape, and this surgery will help him get back up to speed faster for next season.

Hopefully, everything goes well for the legendary quarterback, and he can continue playing at a high level next season.  

Tom Brady

Patrick Smith/Getty Images