Tom Brady is indisputably the greatest player in the history of the NFL. He has won seven Super Bowl titles and when the season starts in September, he will be 44 years old. Based on his goals, it seems as though we will only get two more seasons of Brady until he finally decides to retire. Until then, Brady promises to remain at the top of his game as he looks to win an eighth title and make all of his haters weep for one last time.

Prior to the season, Brady has been working extremely hard to keep his body in shape and he has also been doing some accuracy exercises to show the fans that he's still got it. After all, in order to be a successful QB in the NFL, you have to know how to place the ball, and Brady can do exactly that on any given day.

Tom Brady

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

In a new video posted to social media, Brady can be seen throwing a ball into a throwing machine with pinpoint accuracy. The entire visual is quite impressive and even if you're not a football fan, or let alone a Brady fan, you can't help but admit that this is pretty cool.

Interestingly enough, it appears as though the video was heavily edited. Brady tagged video creator Ari Fararooy in his post, who then reposted the video on his own IG while tagging various CGI and effects artists. With this in mind, there is no disputing that this video was manipulated in a way that would make Brady look like a wizard.

Even if the video isn't 100 percent real, there is no doubt that Brady is ready for the upcoming season. Only time will tell whether or not he can match the magic of last season's Super Bowl run.

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