Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson are officially free from their 2-week quarantine in Australia, as the Hollywood couple were spotted cruising around L.A. on Friday. A few weeks ago, Tom announced via social media that he and his wife had both tested positive for coronavirus while they were visiting the land down under to film Tom's movie. The actor couple have been providing regular updates on their condition, always maintaining a positive attitude despite the unfortunate circumstances. Thankfully, it looks like the two of them have been released from quarantine and have headed back home, as they were spotted driving around L.A. on Friday. Tom and Rita were all smiles as they drove home from Van Nuys Airport, no doubt thrilled that they're no longer isolated in a foreign country a million miles from home during a global pandemic.

Tom Hanks Rita Wilson return United States U.S. L.A. Los Angeles Australia 2 week quarantine coronavirus isolationGregg DeGuire/Getty Images

Despite conflicting reports as to whether or not recovered patients of COVID-19 are immune to the virus, we expect the couple will still be practicing social distancing regardless by self-isolating at their home in L.A. In each of his updates, Tom has been emphasizing the importance of "flattening the curve" by staying indoors and avoiding others. We're glad to see these two are back on their home turf and feeling better!