Mr. Rogers was an important part of millions of young American's childhoods. In fact, many of you probably began singing one of his popular songs in your head the moment you read his name. Mister Rogers' Neighborhood ran from 1968–2001, influencing entire generations and reminding people to be kind to each other. Mr. Rogers passed away in 2003, but his memory will forever live on. Academy Award winner Tom Hanks is set to portray the legendary children show host, and a first look at the actor in full costume has hit the web. 

Hanks is barely recognizable, as his hair and makeup team transformed him into Mr. Rogers. Hanks dons the familiar red sweater of Mr. Rogers, while khakis and blue sneakers finish out his fit. The biographical film is entitled You Are My Friend, and will focus on Rogers' friendship with journalist Tom Junod. Junod, who will be played by Matthew Rhys, was assigned to cover Rogers prior to becoming the legendary journalist he is today. Junod was not too thrilled with interviewing Rogers, but his jaded personality was greatly affected by the kindness and altruistic ways of Mr. Rogers, who changed his life. 

Actress and director Marielle Heller will helm You Are My Friend, which is slated to hit theaters October 19, 2019.