This weekend Tom Hanks mixed with the common people in the one establishment where people from every walk of life converge (for better or for worse): In N' Out burger. He was photographed by a surprised fan who wrote on Instagram ""Tom Hanks is at In and Out sitting across from us I’m star struck!!"

There a few routes on can go at an In N' Out. There is the route of Kelly Gale, who went to the In N' Out and ate vegetables, didn't order anything and worked out in front of the restaurant, a publicity stunt that many called "fat-shaming." Then there is the route of Tom Hanks. Forrest Gump, recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom and all-round American golden boy was apparently "such a nice guy" when he showed up to the fast-food establishment with his wife Rita. He was also apparently "taking pictures with everyone" and even bought lunch for some of the people waiting in line at the drive thru. Is Tom Hanks our 21st century Snata Claus?