Anthony Mackie has been in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for quite some time now. He first showed up in Captain America: Winter Soldier in 2014 as the tactical pilot Falcon, who is a sidekick to the Captain. In the comics, Falcon even takes over as Captain America for a while. Since Winter Soldier, Mackie has featured in several Marvel films including Civil War, Ant-Man, and Infinity War. That's why fans were surprised when Mackie admitted that he had never seen Spider-Man Homecoming at Ace Comic-Con.

In a short video posted to Twitter, Mackie begins by excitedly stating, "I need to watch this movie." It appears as if Tom Holland, who plays Spider-Man, was speaking about a moment in the film that interested Mackie, who then revealed the secret. "You haven't seen Spider-Man Homecoming?" asks Holland surprised. Mackie shakes his head "no," as if the idea that he saw the film in the first place was ridiculous. "I haven't seen the Falcon movie... oh wait, there isn't one, sorry," Holland jokes as the audience erupts in laughter. These guys are really having fun making millions and playing superheroes. Homecoming made $334,201,140 at the domestic box office, which is much less than several other Marvel movies. Maybe that's why Mackie hasn't seen it yet.