Tomi Lahren, like her or not, has become an incredibly influential figure in the conservative media landscape. Since her inception as a host at TheBlaze, Tomi has gained her fame through a combination of controversial statements, liberal-triggering, and unabashed support for Donald Trump.

Since Tomi is young for a Fox News contributor, she's more clued in to the hip-hop world than a lot of her conservative contemporaries. This has led her into several beefs with prominent celebrities, such as "police hating" Beyoncé, Wale, and Colin Kaepernick. She does have a soft spot for some rappers it seems, as she made headlines recording a video of herself lip-syncing to 21 Savage's hit song, "Bank Account."

21 Savage has seen the video, and during a recent interview with XXL Magazine, 21 was asked about his thoughts. 21 appeared to laugh the question off, as it seemed he didn't actually have much awareness of Tomi outside of her being on Fox News, and 21 openly admitted that he's not a political person.

After HotNewHipHop covered the interview, Tomi caught wind of it, and she wasn't happy. She went on Twitter to blast the interviewer for even attempting to bring her name into the conversation, saying, "Lady tries to bait @21savage into hating me but he laughed it off. Lady, if you’re gonna bring my name up, come correct."

Twitter wasn't happy after she said that, as her replies were full of people trying to roast her, especially for her use of the term "come correct." Whether we see anything further from Tomi, XXL, or Savage on the issue remains to be seen.