Tomi Lahren may not be a stranger to taking a jab or two from the left-leaning social media users out there, but this Seinfeld reference sent her over the edge a little bit.

The Fox News personality was recently made the subject of a Festivus meme that began making the rounds online at the beginning of the week before eventually snowballing and getting many, many reposts on multiple platforms. Here's the original, made by a popular parody account on Twitter: 

Though the image was later confirmed as photoshopped, the realism of both the visual aspect and the thought of Lahren actually saying something like this is startling. Naturally, the "liberal snowflake" dragger wasn't far behind with a response, and boy did she ever rip into this meme.

The irony of Lahren being supremely bothered by a little Internet mockery is most amusing. The former radio host and current TV lightning rod of hate host demonstrated how thin her skin really was, perhaps even thinner than the supposedly gutless liberals that she consistently taunts and paints as, among other things, un-American. Many other Twitter users were quick to follow up on the issue, a sampling of which you can view below.

For real - even George Costanza thinks that Lahren is more than just a little on the unhinged side.

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