Tomi Lahren is back in our trending topics this morning for a remark she made in reply to a Joe Biden tweet. The political commentator is no stranger to making brash statements on twitter, usually riling up a bunch of people in the process. The last time she gave her controversial two cents was when the charges (or perhaps, the lack thereof) against the police officers in the Breonna Taylor case were unveiled.

Today she returns to the fold, thanks to new political fodder by way of Trump vs Biden. Or more broadly put, anti-mask vs mask. Lahren sides with the anti-maskers, as she tweets: "Might as well carry a purse with that mask, Joe." The tweet is in response to a video that shows Trump on one side, removing his mask, while on the other side, Biden puts his mask on. The original tweet via Biden is captioned with: "Wear a mask."

Lahren is insinuating that Biden is being 'female' by wearing a mask, thus emasculating him. The tweet has been met with plenty of backlash, most people expressing their simple disdain of Lahren, and/or their shock at her perceived idiocy. While the tweet is currently going viral, Biden has yet to address or respond to Lahren.

tomi lahren and joe biden masks

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images & Rich Polk/Getty Images

Check out the tweet below. Let us know your thoughts.