Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star Tommie Lee really messed up bad after she was arrested twice within a 24-hour span. According to TMZ, Tommie was first arrested on Tuesday night after she was booked for battery, aggravated assault and child cruelty to her own daughter. Apparently, Tommie got physically aggressive with her daughter at her middle school in Cobb County and slammed her into a locker - shameful. 

She was booked and released on a $27,000 bond Wednesday morning but told to stay away from her child - but she didn't listen. Tommie's second time getting arrested was Wednesday night since she seemingly got out of jail and went to see her daughter right away. She's now back behind bars being held without bail. 

Back in May Tommie was ordered by a court to wear an alcohol monitor bracelet after she got a DUI followed by an incident where she went after a jewelry store clerk, where video footage showed her jumping the counter to fight her.