The did-she-or-didn't-she drama involving Love & Hip Hop stars has frustrated Tommie Lee. Recently, a few cast members got together to re-hash some moments from the series while giving updates on their lives and relationships. During the discussion, Princess Love brought up that Ray J previously hooked up with Tommie Lee because, at some point, Princess claims Lee admitted to it on camera. Tommie quickly snapped back that she's never done anything physical with the singer.

In the resurfaced clip from a green screen interview of the reality series years ago, Tommie is seen choosing between cast members in a game reminiscent of "F*ck, Marry, Kill." She chose to hook up with Ray as a choice in the game, also mentioning "one more time," leading many to believe that something happened. Back to clear things up once again, Tommie took to Instagram to set the record straight.

"Nice try still never f*cked him like I said," she wrote on her Story. "Prime example of editing / scripts move on this is how old 5 years to be exact! I've never even seen that man in person ever Lol!" She wasn't quite finished. "It was literally a f*cking game they played smash, kill, or destroy," she said. "I actually didn't like anyone in the line up and had to do this part over 15 times til I gave in and also was threatened that if I don't participate that I would be suspended or lose my check."

"Let's talk about it how many cast members went through this when they didn't want to talk about sum or do certain scenes and scenarios." Love & Hip Hop has been criticized in the past by previous cast members, so Lee's allegations against producers aren't far-fetched. Check out her posts below.