Last week we posted about Tommie Lee's application to get enrolled into a mental health program that would alleviate the serious sentencing in her child abuse case. Tommie attended her daughter's school in October of 2018 and reportedly slapped her daughter on her hands and face before dragging her by her hair and throwing her against a locker.

Tommie's move to get accepted into the mental health program would drop her 54-year sentence too much less since she was trying to match the horrible events to a mental health condition. TMZ now reports that the reality star has not been accepted into the program which means that she's back to facing a sentence of over 50 years. 

Prince Williams/WireImage

Tommie recently chatted with us about being a "booster" mom and her alcoholic claims but among everything she exclusively shared with us, she detailed just how much of her character is inaccurately portrayed on television 

"I feel like they think I'm the aggressive Tommie, angry Tommie, the Tommie who's pissed off...but that's not me. I'm a whole vibe," she explaned. "People always tell me, "You're so different from how you are portrayed on TV," and s**t like that. They only just showed that side. I wish people knew I look out for a lot of people and I'm not a bad person to be around."

Read her full interview here.