Tommy Chong is one of the most famous marijuana smokers in the world. Decades before Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre were lighting up chronic, Chong and his partner Cheech Marin were the original pot connoisseurs. Chong was also featured on Dre's Chronic 2001. Canada legalized recreational marijuana this past Summer, and today (October 17) is the first day dispensaries opened their doors to customers. Chong was scheduled to return to his home country for the pot-fueled festivities, but the 80-year-old marijuana activist has lost his passport. 

"Right now, I’m stuck here. I lost my passport, so we’re going through the dance of a celebrity trying to get a passport fast,” Chong told the Toronto StarHe continued on to comment on Canada becoming the second country in the world to approve recreational marijuana through legislation. “It was inevitable, because weed is such a positive medicine for the planet,” he stated. “The biggest thing is the change in attitude around it. There was a time where if you went to a cocktail party, and if I wore a weed T-shirt, it was like ‘who invited this guy?’ Now it’s all changed. The exciting part about it, it’s now presentable. We don’t have to hide. I’m like a walking marijuana information bureau.”

We're sure Chong will get his new passport so he can party with his fellow Canadian soon enough.