The Braxton family's relationship with David Adefeso is unraveling in real-time and it's getting worse by the day. Just months ago, it seemed as if Tamar Braxton was happily in love with fiancé David Adefeso, but things have recently taken a sharp turn. He stood by her side through her alleged suicide attempt, but in the weeks that followed, there were accusations that David was taking advantage of his famous fiancée. Soon, rumors about domestic violence surfaced online and both parties denied that they were the aggressor. This has caused a rift between the Braxtons and Adefeso, and now singing icon Toni Braxton is stepping in with a message to her sister's former flame.

"David, You Ferret," Toni Braxton shared in a text image post to her Instagram. "You are beyond contempt. Once again, DO NOT include my children in your SHENANIGANS. Please leave my family ALONE!" Toni didn't specify what exactly triggered her to pen this message to Adefeso, but fans expect that details will emerge in days to come.

The unfolding of Tamar's relationship with Adefeso has been highlighted, especially on her new WeTV reality series Tamar Braxton: Get Ya Life! Check out Toni's post below.