Tony Ferguson used to be one of the most feared men in the entire UFC and for a while, he was trying to get himself that elusive title fight against Khabib. Unfortunately, Ferguson was on a bit of a losing streak, and last night, he had an opportunity to get back in the win column. The fight was against Beneil Dariush and while many fans felt like Ferguson would win, it became clear that Dariush came to dominate from start to finish, and that is exactly what he did.

Ferguson ultimately lost the fight in a unanimous decision that saw Beneil pummeling Ferguson for the majority of the 15-minute runtime. It looked like Ferguson was simply out of gas throughout the match and Dariush was just too hungry to not get the victory.

Tony Ferguson

Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

For Ferguson, this loss brings up the question of what's next. With Khabib out of the UFC forever, a fight against the former star is pretty well out of the cards. Not to mention, losing three in a row pretty well guarantees the fact that he won't be getting a shot at the title, anytime soon.

Considering Ferguson's former reputation, it's a sad state of affairs but just like in every sport, age eventually catches up to you.