In Tony Rock's eyes, Pete Davidson is a visionary. TMZ caught up with Rock at LAX who gave Pete Davidson mad props for making fans sign non-disclosure agreements at his shows. The move is an attempt to protect his material and according to Tony Rock, in this day and age, it's a novel idea. Nowadays people go to shows and pull out their cellphones, recording the material for themselves and then uploading the routine to social media where the shows can go viral. Tony says this is an impediment to stand-up comics trying to see how new material works on stage.

Pete Davidson
Bryan Bedder/Getty Images 

Rock said it "takes balls" to do that. The NDA Pete has for his shows mandates a steep million-dollar penalty for breaking the terms of the agreement. Tony likes the idea but thinks that maybe it goes a little too far. That being said, he believes that other comics should follow Pete's lead including himself, and Eddie Murphy who is slated for his return to stand-up on Netflix.

Would you sign a million-dollar NDA to go and see one of your favorite comics perform live? While it definitely makes sense to want to protect your material, do you believe that as a comedian Davidson is taking things too far?