This year is turning out to be full of surprises. It's safe to say that DMX doesn't have any Tony Yayo tracks in his playlist after the barking rapper spoke out against his fellow emcee. Initially, DMX shared that he wasn't a fan of Lloyd Banks during a conversation with Fat Man Scoop. "Lloyd Banks? Lyrical?" DMX asked. "Quote four bars. Impress me with four bars of his. It shouldn't be hard." Lloyd was made aware of X's remarks, and tried to figure out why he was being targeted by the rapper. Then, someone must have reminded DMX who Lloyd Banks actually was, because he admitted that he was really speaking about Tony Yayo when he made the remarks about Banks.

Theo Wargo / Staff / Getty Images

Later, DMX issued a formal apology. "It takes a real n***a to admit when he's wrong..... My apologies to loyd banks I was thinking tony yayo when I was asked about banks. I f*ck with banks!" On Friday (May 29), the former G-Unit rapper took a moment to address the controversy over on Twitter. An unfazed Tony Yayo wrote, "Dmx a crack head who cares what he think," along with a crying laughing emoji. Check it out below.