Short Dog fans never thought they would see the day when he'd become a proud father, but recently it was revealed that Bay Area rapper Too Short had become a first-time dad at 53-years-old. The world got a sneak peek at Short's baby girl, Yani Shaw, after stills from a documentary he's involved with began to circulate online. Short, along with Ray J and other figures in the industry, will be featured in the film about what they've encountered as parents in the entertainment field raising their daughters in Hollywood.

Short, who is known for his provocative lyrics and glorification of the pimp lifestyle, shared with TMZ in a video chat that he recognizes the significance of him having a little girl. "Well, you know, in my case, I think it's extremely particular that I had a daughter," he said. "It might be easier to digest [if it was], 'Oh, Too Short has a son, oh cool.' But Too Short has a daughter? What's he gonna do? I am dealing with that right now, man. I definitely have to think about years to come where these songs may hit her ears and she goes, 'Who are you, daddy?' So, I gotta get ready for it."

The rapper also shared that he purposefully stayed away from having children because he was having too much fun living the rap star lifestyle. "I can tell you why I didn't have kids before now is because I didn't want to be a father at the wrong time. I knew who I was," Short said. "I knew what I was doing. I was just enjoying my celebrity-hood. I've seen a lot of people struggle with their personal lives and their celebrity life. Doing the job, the travel, the hours in the studio and stuff, and I had my fun. Now it's time to pass it on."

Short did admit he's had quite a few life-changing moments that have played out in the media, but he's happy to take on the role of father for the first time. He noted, however, that he's not equipped to change dirty diapers just yet. Check out Too Short talking about fatherhood below.