Few can dispute Too $hort's status as one of the game's archetypical "pimp" figures. Naturally, such a legendary figure has indeed seen it all, especially when it comes to X-rated tour life. During a recent interview with Revolt, the rapper took a moment to reflect on some of the outlandish behavior he's seen while hitting the stage, some of which borders on the straight-up pornographic. 

"Shit, I've had girls jump onstage and start eating each other's p***ies," he reflects. "That's happened. You could be doing a show, and a guy in the crowd is with the hottest bitch in the crowd, and she's just liking you too much. I'm pretty sure all the artists can relate to this." Of course, such actions generally come with consequences, leaving many a woman newly-single. "The next thing you know, this bitch leaves her dude and she's doing things. I'm like, 'Is that your boyfriend?' She's like, 'I know. He's probably going to break up with me. Fuck it.'" 

He also proceeds to explain his vision for the future, which includes something not even George Lucas might have fathomed: Holographic strippers. "I'm going to do a show where they hologram a bunch of strippers and I do this explicit stripper show where it's really me, but a bunch of holographic bitches onstage doing exotic ass shit," he teases. "It's the same guy who did the Tupac hologram."

Clearly, Too $hort is all about the technological advances. Peep the full interview here