Toosii previously stepped up and admitted that a "rap n***a" had contacted him about doing a song with Popp Hunna, who is currently at the center of a heated controversy after alleged federal paperwork leaked revealing his involvement in a murder case when he was a teenager, in which he is being called a "snitch" for providing information to the police. Toosii held back on the identity of the person who asked him about their collaboration, but now he has no problem admitting who it was, calling out Trippie Redd.

During a conversation online, which seemingly also included 21 Savage from the sounds of the audio, Toosii exposed Trippie Redd and put the rapper on blast, questioning the reason why he even cares about Toosii doing a song with Popp Hunna.

"Trippie Redd texted me, and I don't give a f*ck saying names 'cause I don't f*ck about n***as and I'll let that sh*t be known," said Toosii. "Trippie Redd texted me today saying, 'Yo, you know that video you just posted, dude's a rat, right?' I said, 'Who? You talking about the sh*t I just posted?' He's like, 'On my momma' and he sent me a video link. I'm like, 'Bro, that sh*t got nothing to do with me.' I be having to let n***as know, man, certain sh*t don't have nothing to do with you. Like, stay in the streets. He said, 'I won't lie, you rap about too much real sh*t to make a song with a b*tch ass rat who told on a murder and come from the streets.' He said something like some hoe sh*t to me. That ain't a valid answer."

Previously, Toosii introduced the situation by saying that "the song's already done" and asked "why the f*ck do n***as be so worried about other people's business." "That's the most b*tch trait to me that a n***a could have," said Toosii. "That's some b*tch ass sh*t to me, like, real talk. We don't even know each other. For all you know, gang, I could be a snitch too. You feel what I'm saying? You n***as be living up to these fake ass personas and fake ass gimmicks. Y'all be around snitches and b*tch ass n***as every day and y'all never know it."

It's worth mentioning that Trippie Redd has also worked with a snitch, releasing a song with Tekashi 6ix9ine before their beef. Much like with Toosii's case, 6ix9ine was only revealed to be an informant after the song came out.

What do you think of Toosii's take on this? Read more about the Popp Hunna snitching allegations here.