Toosii, the 21-year old DaBaby affiliate out of Syracuse, has been dropping commercial tapes since he was 17, and has now got the chance to shine as an XXL Freshman. He's already shown off what he can do on his most recent album, Poetic Pain, but now he's got a pretty impressive freestyle on top of that, which tends to count for a lot considering how drab they've grown.

In a recent piece, we discussed Coi Leray as a prime example of how the latest XXL Freshman inductees have often tried to implement a much more melodic flow into their signature freestyles, rather than just coming out and spitting whatever comes to mind as most did. Blame it on Chance, if you'd like, though there have surely been some standout showcases since he decided to croon his way through his 2014 Freestyle.

Nevertheless, Toosii raps with some purpose in his radiantly red Moncler puffer, with the camera spinning around him as he starts off cutting straight to the chase, saying, "I know you love me, I know we argue, let's just be honest / Need to say you’re not the best, think I've been being modest." He delves into the trials and tribulations of different relationships, his mother attending his football games when he was younger, ultimately talking about losing his father and how that turned him into the man he is now.

Compared to what most people had to offer this time around, Toosii definitely came prepared to deliver a story for this year's XXL Freshman issue. Check it out below and tell us what you think.