Since ScHoolboy Q came onto the rap scene there was no mistaking his style. Q once said in an interview with MTV, “I'm not one of them rappers that's scared to put a title on their name. Conscious rappers never like to be called conscious rappers and a lyrical rapper never like to be a party rapper. I'm a gangster rapper, that's who I am. I happen to make fun records at the same time, that's what I do. I joke, I bag on niggas, my personality is like that, but I am a gangster rapper and that's what I'm gonna bring to the table."

Lyrically we can agree with this statement, but still, we've seen the growth sonically between Setbacks to the Blank Face LP. Q went on to say in that same 2013 interview, “I'm not necessarily trying to bring gangster rap back. I'm just trying to let you know it's still here and I'm a part of it. I feel like I'm the only one out of the coast that's doing this gangster rap shit the way that it used to be niggas used to put detail in their music not just going to the club and turning up."

In true form, Q’s attention to detail within his music has only magnified his persona tenfold, whether it's on his track or someone else's. With standout lines like “Still hangin' with niggas that can't do nothin' but cause damage / Guess I'm bein' a real nigga like I'm 'posed to be” from "Lord Have Mercy," we’re instantly thrown into Q’s reality, and lines such as this abound across the TDE MC's discography.

What are some of your favorite ScHoolboy Q features? What'd we miss here? Presented in no particular order.