While 2013 may have been the year of the album, with heavyweights like Jay Z, Eminem, and Kanye West all dropping new projects, 2014 is the year of the monster song. From all the way back in January until now, we've been bombarded with heat, one trending song after the next. We figure the rest of the year will be a lot more of the same (see our Top 10 most anticipated albums list) so we wanted to recap the first 8 months before we hit the home stretch. We'll be ranking not only on the viral nature of the song, but also by quality. We also won't double count one song by multiple artists, like giving Ace Hood and Lil Durk spots for what they did on "0-100", rather we'll put all of the hottest versions in one spot to make things a little easier.

Obviously, this will be a hotly contested and debatable list, as much of it comes down to personal preference and individual taste, so leave any suggestions in the comment section, or hit us up on Twitter and Facebook to let your voice be heard!